Post what you need, solve what you know

Citywatch is a free mobile app for iOS and Android with the sole objective of putting people with needs in contact with others, who are capable of solving, solving or simply helping.

The objective is to provide a platform for citizen collaboration to have a better environment in which to live.

A space to collaborate

Make requests, receive notifications, share with others and if you can, solve it!

Post requests

Do you have a plumbing fault? Do you want to sell an electronic device? Are you offering / looking for a job? Have you recently lost your pet?

Launch a petition to the community asking for help, sure that a neighbor in the area can give you a cable.

Create a search area

Choose an area and receive notifications only from the area that you choose and the type of request you want, so as not to miss details of what is happening. There are many types of requests, that surely some interest you.

If you are a  professional,  make yourself visible, and find your clients quickly. You can ask them to directly assign your request so that it is registered just for you.

Solve requests

Have you received a request and is it in your power to solve it? Accept, get in touch with the creator and do it, then publish your resolution and take a photo to record.

Receive evaluation of your resolution, the more requests resolved and better valued, the more reputation you will have as an active member of the community.

Send them to someone

Requests can be open to anyone who wants to participate, or be private if the recipient is specified, so the assigned requests allow you to have a catalog of tasks to be solved, whether you are a professional, a volunteer or a public entity.

Whatever your objective, make yourself seen, let them value you and keep direct contact with your target audience.

Offer yourself to the community

When you have created an area that is within your reach, indicate the type of request that interests you. The system will send you a notice when something happens within the same area. For example when someone is looking for English classes, or if you are a plumber, when someone has a water leak.

Create requests, assign them and assess the resolution

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